Condoleeza’s Gaffs

Posted: July 30, 2005 in News and politics

The following is a short excerpt from the interview with Condoleezza Rice on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer:

JIM LEHRER: What about the additional element here that, increasingly, terrorism experts and Muslim experts are saying that the combination of Iraq and other foreign policy decisions by the United States are actually creating more terrorists every day than they are eliminating them.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE: When we are going to stop making excuses for the terrorists? The terrorists on Sept. 11 attacked the United States. We weren’t in Iraq. We weren’t even in Afghanistan on Sept. 11.

However, most of the terrorists on Sept 11 were from Saudi Arabia. Guess where a lot of our troops in the Middle East at that time were based? This is not an excuse for Osama Bin Laden, but it is why he is so successful in recruiting. It is his rational…

Ok. On re-reading the following paragraphs:

JIM LEHRER: The North Korea representative, as I’m sure you know, said yesterday, "Hey look, we’re ready to make a deal." He said if the United States and others will agree to give us aid, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and if the United States will insist that South Korea get rid of any nuclear weapons it has, we’re ready to sit down and get rid of ours. Is that not in the makings of a deal?

CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Well, the North Koreans and the South Koreans had an agreement in the period of 1991 to 1992 that it would be a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, that neither would possess not just nuclear weapons but reprocessing and enrichment capability and so forth. The South Koreans have lived up to that deal; the North Koreans have not.

And so this should be a very simple matter then, because the South Koreans do not possess nuclear weapons; the North Koreans do. So all that the North obviously needs to do is to demonstrate that it is ready to live up to those obligations — to dismantle, verifiably, their nuclear programs.

They are clearly talking about the Korean’s nuclear capabilities. However, hear is a direct question and an answer from Condi that doesn’t really answer Jim’s question:

JIM LEHRER: There are no nuclear weapons in South Korea?

CONDOLEEZZA RICE: The South Koreans are living up to the terms of the 1991-1992 agreement that they signed with the North.

Condi must have graduated from the Arthur Murray dance school of political deftness. I believe we can deduce from the evasiveness of the answer that there are nuclear weapons in South Korea. That they are under U. S. control can be of little consolation to North Korea considering our major change in foreign policy to that of preemptive invasion into a sovereign nation. I find it hard to believe that the North Koreans are worried as much about South Korea having nuclear weapons as the U. S. maintaining them in South Korea.

It’s not the South Koreans that have been talking about becoming a nuclear power and they might test and talking about their ability to repel aggression by nuclear means. It’s not the South Koreans who have been using that kind of language. It’s the North Koreans.

If I have the chronology right, the North Koreans started to rattle nuclear weapons after we invaded Iraq.

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