Talking about Privacy Lost: Does anybody care? – Privacy Lost –

Posted: November 27, 2006 in Privacy and consequence



Mr. Sullivan makes a point that “…it is also impossible to deny that Americans are now being watched more than at any time in history. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Without an instant message evidence trail, would anyone believe a congressional page accusing Rep. Foley of making online advances? And perhaps cameras really do cut down on crime.”

In an essay, “Dennis Hastert Did Not Screw Up”, I made the point that “The e-mails that were reportedly sent to House Speaker, Dennis Hastert, did not portend any romantic or sexual overtures by the Representative Foley.” It is exactly because people are willing to believe the worst motives for innocent actions that our privacy is sacred. People actually believe that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert should have picked up on salacious motives from the initial e-mail messages. Even the frank and candid instant messages that supposedly reveal a sexual interest could have been exchanged by people who had no sexual interest in each other at all. Certainly, I can remember conversations in the Navy between myself and other shipmates that were worse (in a sexual manner) than what I read in the notorious instant messages from Representative Foley; and there definitely were not any sexual interests behind these conversations – at least sexual interests in the person I was talking to.

Privacy Lost: Does anybody care? – Privacy Lost –


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