Groundhog Day as a Metaphor For Marriage; and Remarriage, and Remarriage

Posted: March 16, 2007 in Personal Relationships

Revisiting one of my favorite movies I am inclined to make a connection between the hero’s efforts to get it right by reliving the same day; over and over and over and… probably at least a thousand times. He kept screwing up again; over and over and over and… until he finally made the big change in himself that had the effect he wanted. Of course he gave up on his primary priority in the process.

I’ve read advice columns that told people who seem to be marrying the same kind of abuser over and over and over and… well, you get the idea. It isn’t until you understand the kind of individual, and recognize his (of course it’s always the man who is at fault here) temperament before you marry him – and presumably don’t marry him – that you will find and marry the kind of guy who is not an abuser. (My sarcastic reference to it’s always the man… exposes the bias of the adviser.) Could it be possible that the injured person might take a teensy bit of responsibility for the failed relationships? Duh… What a concept that is!

There was a famous woman who had been married several times. When asked when she would finally settle on one man, she answered, “When I get it right”.


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