I do all that Becomes a Man;He Who Does More is None

Posted: March 16, 2007 in Humor


In times of crisis many who are called, and those who are not, decide to protest their government’s policies. Those who chose to back their government’s policies denigrate those who chose not to. The term coward is bandied about; and, if the protesters aren’t of sufficient mettle to just consider the source and disregard the barbs they become cowed and feel a sense of shame. What they aren’t considering is they have a choice. If they succumb to the negative criticisms, they justify the critics. There are other alternatives.

One alternative is to adopt the attitude of Macbeth when he said, in response to Lady Macbeth’s admonition to act like a man and kill the king; as she was trying to get him to do. His response was my favorite Shakespearian quote when asked by our literature teacher in high-school, “I do all that becomes a man; he who does more is none.” At the time I meant it as a retort to those who would try to get me to do something wrong. Peer pressure was, and is, a strong force towards good or evil in societies.

So, when a red-neck wheels around the corner and calls me a fag – implying that I am something less than a man – I can simply adopt the attitude that he has an attitude (i. e. has issues). My reaction, after the fact, is to adopt a humorous approach. It’s not original, I assure you. I’ve picked up a lot of humor from observations over the years. So, when I was at a baseball cap store I saw the hundreds of baseball caps that seemed to be organized by color. In one section, they were all pink! I told the clerk, “I’ve got to get me one of these.” Then I explained why a pink baseball cap would be a comic retort to somebody calling me a fag.  He looked like didn’t get what I was talking about. Rather than just wearing a pink ball-cap around, giving the impression that I was gay, I would keep it out of sight until I was accosted; then I would pull it out, place it on my head, and wave a limp wrist at my antagonist. 


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