Ignoring Simple Logic

Posted: March 19, 2007 in News and politics

Every time I see where a Democratic Congressman comes out against this Iraq invasion and occupation, I recall how so many of them voted to give this President authorization to conduct it.

I have to admit that I was temporarily fooled into believing this was a good idea; until I saw somebody on the NewsHour declaring that: “WMD’s” is a false premise to use to justify invading Iraq. The logic goes like this: If Saddam Hussein has WMD’s he is not using them; and would have not qualms about using them if we invaded, thus causing a catastrophe of monumental proportions. The phony protective gear we had for the soldiers would not have worked. If Saddam Hussein does not have them, it is wrong to use that as a justification.

There is no mistake that Congress’ going along with Bush when he asked them to OK his agenda was incompetence on its part. No amount of wiggling can release them from that fact.

But, past mistakes are not relevant if we don’t learn from them. Being more alert to signals is what is to be learned. A calm consideration of all the facts in the face of apparent danger is what is needed for our government to do its job adequately.

What is a real danger, in my mind, is the tendency for the electorate to vote its heart rather than its mind. A recent article points to that fact. Only when the electorate eschews emotional messages will it start making sound decisions towards electing people to do the job of government adequately.


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