Exiting Iraq

Posted: April 1, 2007 in Politics

That our adventure in Iraq is a disaster should be accepted and digested by even the most stalwart chicken-hawks[1]. The conditions in Iraq have deteriorated into a full-blown civil war; and denying that is an artificial prop to justify our staying there. Major military officers, one after the other, who retire and are able to speak freely, are almost unanimous in their condemnation of our continued participation. Only those who haven’t a clue to what is actually going on in Iraq support our continuing involvement.

That 90% of troops in Iraq believe there is a connection between 9/11 and Iraq – when the President himself denies any connection – is evidence that this myth is a major reason they still support our involvement. Once that myth is dispelled the troops will accept the fact that we need to leave post haste. The tired old saw that we are keeping the country from devolving into a worse situation must be eliminated by authoritative voices.

One more tired argument that is used to justify our staying in Iraq is the number of casualties would be more of a tragedy if we don’t stay and suffer more casualties. That is called the stop-loss argument. It is equivalent to arguing that if you spend money on a failed adventure you should continue to spend money in continuing the adventure to change the fact that the original outlay of funds was wrong.

As distasteful as these arguments might be for those who have accepted this disaster because it was seen as being patriotic, people need to get over that wrong-headed orientation.

Once our Congress is returned to Democratic control there will be a tendency to blame the failure in Iraq on them. I would argue that blaming the Democratic led Congress for failure in Iraq would be like blaming a bank robbery on the customers who happen to be in the bank at the time of the robbery; or worse, the police who arrive to stop the robbery; because they happen to be there when the robbery comes to the attention of the public.

Anyone and everyone who is reading this should pick up the banner and help influence public officials by taking the time to write to them in support of exiting Iraq. Don’t procrastinate. Send a copy of this to your Congress members with your note and signature of support.

[1] Chicken-hawks are those who support this invasion/occupation; but would not dream of participating.


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