Where is the Outrage?

Posted: April 13, 2007 in News and politics

Whenever I get really angry – I mean screaming and yelling angry – I find that I am frustrated about something other than what I am yelling about. The something else has eaten at my craw and the rage has built up insidiously (i. e. unnoticed). But, there is something going on daily that fails to excite the rage that it should: and that is the thousands of deaths and tens-of-thousands of injuries that are happening as a result of this insane invasion and occupation in Iraq.

The problem is if I went around screaming about it I would probably just put people off and they would either cast me out or I might end up getting arrested for disturbing the peace. It is a massive paralysis in our society that has us disabled and unable to really express the rage that should be.

The poor man whose brain injury has him yelling uncontrollably is probably expressing our rage better than those of us who remain uninjured. Is that brain injury enabling him where the rest of us remain brain dead? These words, while seeming to be nonsensical, probably reflect a better reality than many analyses of the Iraq debacle that we read, hear, or view on a daily basis.

The fact that, according to a poll, 90% of soldiers in Iraq believe there is a connection between 9/11 and Iraq tells us something about the irrational nature of this mess. To me there are two ways this administration acquires the cannon fodder it needs to conduct this craziness: the myth I just described, and the innate tendency of young men to seek adventure at any cost and without consideration for the consequences. That bravado was dramatized in a scene in Gone With the Wind. In the scene, young men in a southern gathering were expressing the joy they were feeling at getting to go to war for the cause. Inasmuch as their joy turns to utter despair as the grim realities of the war one can get a sense of what happens when the rude awakening finally comes to those for whom it does strike. For the rest they remain dumb and numb to the horrors of the battle.

For those of us who experience none of the horrors except for the depictions on the news it is only real to the extent of our minds to absorb the awful actuality that slowly seeps into our minds through our feeble senses.

Those of us who stand on the corners at vigils are raising some awareness; but mostly we are yelling into the wind because we are unable to bring the real horrors to the minds of the passers-by. Maybe my sign, “Three armies: an army of cripples, an army of mourners, an army of thieves”, while somewhat obscure, is more influential than all the rational arguments one might bring to the fray. One can only hope.


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