Predictability in Amoral Ventures

Posted: April 27, 2007 in News and politics

Again the world media lead stories of inappropriate killings in the overseas theater’s Afghanistan and Iraq. Even if you cede that our military incursion into Afghanistan is proper, the immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq under-cuts the otherwise morality of our military operations. Once again the observation in Fahrenheit 9/11 is recalled: when you have an immoral premise guiding an operation, expect immoral behavior.

If we were to withdraw from Iraq and concentrate our efforts in Afghanistan we just might enjoy more progress there. Only because of a constituency that believes in mythical worlds are we still engaged in this craziness in Iraq.

What makes this whole venture most frustrating is the President’s continuing subliminally associating 9/11 with Iraq. When he’s called on it he has to admit there is not real connection; but he continues to make an association when he delivers speeches on auspicious anniversaries like the last one marking the attack on 9/11. After he referred to 9/11 he went on a major digression – without any real connection – to the invasion and occupation in Iraq. Is it any wonder that so many people still think there is a real connection?


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