Moral and Spiritual Certitude…

Posted: May 13, 2007 in News and politics


Real World Pragmatism


It is essential to distinguish between the need to suspend the complexities of logic in order to maintain a moral and spiritual certitude and the need to develop a complete picture of the world to unravel the complexities of geopolitics and geodynamics.

I can order my life by acknowledging my spiritual existence. This requires me to ignore the usual hunt for all the elements of the world as I can perceive it. A limited set of those elements can establish a paradigm that is all I need to understand what I need to know about my spiritual existence and moral orientation. A specific source, with finite parts, is necessary to develop a mode of existence that satisfies the need for spiritual awareness and moral certitude. The only need for further analysis is to apply truths learned from the acknowledged source to developing circumstances.

Contrast that spiritual world with the material world that is influenced by an infinite set of elements, the understanding of which requires continuous study and learning. Only when we maintain a continuous study of the world can we hope to properly analyze and take proper action to keep the world from spinning toward oblivion.

As we understand more of the agenda that propelled us into this invasion of a sovereign nation, Iraq, we can develop a certainty that it is an ill begotten adventure. That leads to the conclusion that no amount of fixing can mend the evils that are being unleashed on the world by this disaster. This disaster is getting worse as time goes on. The power vacuum that is extant in Iraq is leading to worsening conditions with no likelihood of improvement.

The Downing Street Memo, properly understood, has awakened the majority of Americans to the evils that are being seen with opened eyes. Further understanding of the political scene that existed when the memo was created is developing by the collective mind of the world.

It is becoming clearer that the rest of the world’s population understood the right relationship between Iraq and the United States better than the majority of Americans. That would explain the wrong conclusion that was made clear by polls during the early days of the incursion into Iraq. The majority of Americans were blinded by the subtle messages projected by our President and his administration. That these messages were lies is becoming clear as more is learned about the real circumstances at the time. Now that the fog of subliminal messages is lifting, we can perceive what is necessary to correct the path that is leading to a constantly spiraling disaster. The least that can happen is the reduction of America to a minor influence in world politics. The worst is world war. In that war it will be America trying to subordinate other nations to America’s will. The refusal for the majority of Americans to accept the President’s view of the world will sabotage, in the best sense of the word, the subjugation of the world by America.

As congress awakens to the need for better oversight of the administration, the only way the administration can continue its path to perdition is to establish an imperial presidency. It is becoming clear that congress is awakening. We can have faith that our system of checks and balances will right the wrong direction in which our country has been proceeding.


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