Reflections on Gasoline Price Increases

Posted: May 24, 2007 in Costs of living

I am reminded, once again, of my soap box rant about how foolish it is for people to rail against rising gasoline prices; but refuse to park their cars and use public transportation. What really causes me to pause is the realization – which I’ve had before – that as people reduce their driving and take public transportation, gasoline prices will increase even faster because the gas companies would escalate price increases to make up for declining use in order to maintain profits. The result would be unfair cost for those who can not do without using their private automobiles. Also transportation costs for delivering goods we all purchase increase thus adding to the cost of those goods.However, our arguments for decreasing gas usage are reinforced by: there would ultimately be a force towards alternative sources of energy that might soften the tendency towards spiraling prices. There is also the probably that oil companies will become energy companies to maintain their profits. In that case oil won’t be as much a factor as it would if we were really locked into fossil fuels. As a matter of fact BP (British Petroleum) is already doing this according to advertisements. In their advertisements they use the phrase Beyond Petroleum to signal a move towards diversified energy sources.


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