Supporting Illegal Mexican Alien Amnesty

Posted: June 9, 2007 in Social Justice

Legal, like moral, absolutism introduces errors in a sane world. As fools insist on absolute enforcement at our nation’s border with Mexico the considerations for expediency are swept aside.

Let’s address the last issue first. Expediency in this case is demanded because it is the fault of bureaucrats’ incompetence. The incompetent bureaucrats are the reason Mexican workers are forced to risk life and limb to get over a border that is in the way of their getting a good job and economic salvation for them and their families. If bureaucrats would do their jobs they would establish workable visa acquisition procedures so Mexican workers wouldn’t be forced to violate the law to get what is rightfully theirs: a good job.

So, blame the incompetence of bureaucrats for the mess that comes from millions of illegal Mexican aliens not the perceived evil in the hearts and souls of good people trying to earn a living wage.


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