Carl Rove as Maxwell Smart

Posted: June 12, 2007 in Politics

Am I the only one who draws the similarity between this administration’s shifting justification of our intrusion into Iraq and incidents in the old TV series “Get Smart”?

I can almost hear Don Adams’ voice from the oval office saying, “We are attacking Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein from office because he has weapons of mass destruction.”

Fast forward to the months and years since the invasion: “Mr. President, there are no weapons of mass destruction.”

“Would you believe: we started this war because of 9/11?”

“But, Mr. President, there is no connection between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein!”

“Would you believe: we went into Iraq because of Saddam Hussein’s incredible cruelty to his people?”

“But, the insurgents have proven themselves at least as vicious as Saddam Hussein.”

“Would you believe: our troops in Iraq are fighting for our freedoms?”

“But, we are no freer than if we had not invaded Iraq.”

“Would you believe: we are introducing democracy into Iraq?”

“But, the Sunni’s claim election fraud and there are reports that there are serious flaws in the constitution that relegates women and minorities to second class citizenship.”

“Would you believe: we are ensuring security and stability in Iraq?”

“But, according to the generals in charge of the troops in Iraq[1] our presence there is part of the problem.[2]

I know, this is a simplification of the issues that are extant from our adventure in Iraq, but there is still the element of Maxwell Smart pseudo-wisdom.

[1] See “U. S. Generals Now See Virtues of a Smaller Troop Presence in Iraq” by Mark Mizzetti, L. A. Times Staff Writer, October 1, 2005

[2] This is a bit of a reach, but…


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