My Grandson’s Bus Driver, the Comic

Posted: June 14, 2007 in Humor

This morning we all got distracted and didn’t get my grandson dressed as early as we usually do; resulting in a delay getting him out the door to his school bus. I became aware of his bus driver’s sense of humor several weeks ago when I showed up in shorts and him saying “Nice legs”. But, I was so unprepared for his humor this morning when I ran out to tell him that Kal-El would be out in a minute. Steve, the bus driver, said, “That’s ok we have lots of time; I don’t have my wheel chair this morning. Usually we have to use the lift; and that takes extra time.” At first I thought he meant that one of the students was in a wheel-chair so I looked back into the bus and gave him a quizzical expression. He followed up with, “Yeah, didn’t you know I have no feeling below here,” pointing to his ribs. I said, in all seriousness, “I didn’t know that.” Then he looked at me and grinned. It was then that I got the joke. So, I hooked my pointer finger, inserted it into a corner of my mouth and pulled; as if it were a fish-hook and I was the fish.

I have to say I almost never have that quick a wit. It reveals a level of sophistication I would not have guessed at for a school bus driver. It also reveals my bias about people who hold ordinary jobs.


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