Thoughts About Young Talents

Posted: July 2, 2007 in Leadership

I am sitting here listening to Harry Connick, Jr.; and thinking about a certain young woman who – as far as I can remember – was visiting my classroom when I taught at the Skills Center. I don’t remember anything else about the event except that she said she really liked Harry Connick Jr.

My mind wandered from that day to another when I was attending a high-school jazz band competition at North Kitsap high-school. This was after I had been made aware of the level of talent that was developed by very talented high-school jazz band teachers. Little old Olympic High School’s jazz band had won the U. S. competition and was invited to Montreux, Switzerland prestigious jazz festival. I can remember listening to KPLU on the 4th of July and hearing little old Olympic jazz band playing at the North Sea jazz festival in Holland; on their way to Montreux.

It was then that I came to the realization that incredible talents can be brought out in young people by people with the ability to teach them the disciplines necessary.

I also remember standing on a corner in Poulsbo outside the auditorium where the competition was being held – probably between performances. About 50 yards away was one of the teachers who was a professional jazz musician and taught at one of the high-schools in Seattle. He had three levels of jazz bands and the most accomplished band frequently won the U. S. championship. I can also remember he just stood there observing me. I have come to wonder what was in his thoughts. Was he wondering who I was? I am sorry I didn’t go over and introduce myself and let him know how much I appreciated the music that I was witnessing. 


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