For Those Who Would Pillory Hillary…

Posted: July 3, 2007 in Politics
… and Bill

I finished one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s books a day or two ago. It was Living History. My emotional feeling near the end was this is one of the most important books I have ever read. I quickly tempered that as I thought about my sister-in-law’s silly comment that Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest presidents in history. Ahem!

That being said I can say, after sober reflection, reading the book has been invaluable for my personal and political growth. Both of these elements of the book are well developed in the 528 pages of the 38 chapters. Just now checking the numbers of pages and chapters I realize it is a great resource for both elements I mentioned.

For many women, and me before I read this book, it was a mystery how about 70% of democrats polled preferred her over Barak Obama a month or so ago. I am spending some time composing – in my mind – a message to my favorite political friend that would solicit her comments to see if she has modified her opinion that it would be a death wish if democrats were to nominate her to run for president of the United States. In-as-much as it was exactly my feelings at the time, I am intensely curious: first, whether she held the same antipathy as another woman friend had the last time I heard her opinion about Hillary. The other woman has a low regard for Hillary because she didn’t divorce Bill over the deception about Monica Lewinsky.

The message to my favorite political friend would have to be carefully worded so as not to divulge my discovery from reading the book.

I would want to include the abbreviated quotation from Admiral Zumwalt’s heart-felt comments to Chelsea Clinton composed to comfort her in her efforts to deal with her father’s very publicly exposed shenanigans.


If These Were my Last Words

~ Admiral Zumwalt

Your father, my commander in chief will be remembered as the President: Who reversed fifteen years of decline in our military strength, thus ensuring the continuing viability of our armed forces….who stopped the killings in Haiti, Bosnia, Ireland and Kosovo….Who moved the peace process forward in the Middle East…. Who initiated debate and action to improve social security, our education systems and health care coverage….


Hillary goes on to say, “Admiral Zumwalt also told Chelsea that her mother would be remembered `for opening the eyes of the world’ to the rights of women and children and for my efforts to improve their lives, as well as for my support of my family in crisis. His words were an invaluable gift to Chelsea – and to me.”

I, for one, can not imagine the angst Chelsea must have suffered in those very trying times. If her mother’s depiction of her maturity is accurate, however, I am sure she used the experience as probably her greatest opportunity for achieving true greatness. I am more than just a little curious about what Chelsea is doing now. If her talents aren’t being used it is just one more example of talents wasted.

Every time I see evidence of wasted talents (especially in a woman) I am reminded of my father’s comment about my mother, “what a waste of talent”. When he said it I didn’t know what he meant. By the time my mother died, at 53, I had a much better understanding of his meaning. As we were transported from the funeral to the burial site I looked back at an incredibly long line of vehicles in the procession. My wonderment was resolved by someone revealing to me about who these people were: many of them were members of the organization of young women who joined her in getting involved in doing for the less fortunate. If my mother had been politically active, I can imagine she would have been a good democrat. All you have to do is read Garrison Keillor’s book Homegrown Democrat to gain awareness of what it takes to be a good democrat. I might add that it is truly encouraging to see the expanding reception of the Democratic Party in America.


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