Informed Opinion and Degrees of Certainty

Posted: July 9, 2007 in Personal Growth

Would Reflections in a Naked Eye denote an element of certainty? That’s just a preliminary thought that popped into my mind as I start this. Ok, I don’t expect anybody who isn’t a fan of Carson McCullers to get that inference. It borrows from the title of one of her novels, “Reflections in a Golden Eye”. Now, I don’t quite know what Carson’s title means regarding the story; I haven’t had time to consider it and I would have to re-read the book to be able to get it. But, my mention of a Naked Eye would imply a high degree of certainty in-as-much as Naked Eye denotes an unaided view of the world. I ask you, dear reader, would it have been better if I hadn’t included all that explanation and let you dig up the meaning? True literary geniuses in history probably would have considered it an insult to the readers’ intelligence to bog them down reading the explanation to a phrase that is obscure but witty. And we know that brevity is the soul of wit, right?

I have heard people so cynical that they believed that no journalist is objective; that everything they say is subject to the accusation of bias. This prompts me to come up with a paraphrase of an old saying, “conjecture – bias, opinion, etc. – is in the eye of the beholder”.

At this point I think I will stop and let the reader do some reflective considering amplifying on the theme I’ve chosen.


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