The Politics of Forgiveness

Posted: July 27, 2007 in Personal Growth

There is a class of people who never apologize. Whenever people apologize for mistakes they’ve made that cause the people of that class in question injury, become all the more vehement in their expressed hatred.

This was the case when former President Clinton apologized and accepted blame for his mistakes. The people of this low character class were all the more intense in their negative criticism of him. His letting himself be trapped by Monica Lewinski’s advances caused him no end of embarrassment. It is interesting how he continues to be revered by his fans and is being tapped by our present President to join his father in a worthwhile cause of the tsunami relief for Indonesia.

As with many people who are denigrated by people with a political agenda that has nothing to do with the issues that are enlarged way out of proportion, they overcome the shame and rise to greatness.

So, when I witness people’s falling to the depths of wickedness in their extreme chastising of others minor failings, I take heart in the ultimate goodness in the people who are the subject of such nastiness. 


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