A Pencil in the Eye

Posted: September 12, 2007 in Humor

Okay, here’s one more metaphor for the mess in Iraq. When we were given an advanced first-aid course when I was teaching the man conducting the course told us that if you get a pencil lodged into your eye-ball you never remove it. Supposedly, if you do your eye will be forever useless and you will be blind out of that eye. You stabilize it and get yourself (smirk) to the doctor. (I lie: he didn’t say get yourself to the doctor). No, you – the one administering first-aid – get the patient to the doctor. Supposedly, a doctor could save your eye by removing the pencil properly.

I almost quit writing this with the last paragraph; because I believe the quick reader could get the comparison with the assessment of our inability to withdraw from Iraq precipitously. It seems we have a consensus among the members elite of the powers that be that Iraq would be an untenable caldron of something-or-other if we withdraw with the situation as unstable as it is. Instead we are supposed to trust the members elite of the powers that be that we must stay until we can leave with a relatively stable government and military in Iraq.

I think it only fair to specify who I am referring to as the members elite of the powers that be. That would be General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker. Both have stellar credentials according to a news piece in today’s (September 10, 2007) edition of the Washington Post. So, it is incumbent on us to accept the word of this August body of 2.

Oh, did I mention that their report isn’t even due until the 15th. At least that’s what I was led to believe. In one news item the paper is calling the timing “today” when the report is due. Or, it could be tomorrow. Nah, it couldn’t be tomorrow; that’s the anniversary of 9-11. Anyway the report is so widely reported on it’s hard to believe there will be any surprises after all the leaks are covered.

Wouldn’t it be great if both Petraeus and Crocker slipped us some zingers?


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