Remembering Pavarotti

Posted: September 12, 2007 in Entertainment

Reading about the famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti I am reminded of a lady who worked in cash receipts at Airborne Express when I worked there. She was a fan of The Three Tenors. I believe she would be paying special attention to this news item and would probably replay recordings of him as well as his cohorts in the trio.

How I became aware of her liking opera was a result of my observing her collection of CD’s as I passed her cubical. I stopped briefly to talk with her about her musical tastes.

This habit of mine to show interest in other people has been misconstrued over the years. Whether I was initiating a conversation with a man or a woman the tendency to think someone who speaks to you has a special (i. e. romantic) interest in you. When I’ve shown much attention to a woman I almost always have to mention how I’ve adopted the saying flirting is attention without intention. It keeps contacts from being misunderstood. I don’t worry about initiating a conversation with a man; he usually just shows interest and responds if he has anything to say. I have rarely, if ever, sensed a suspicion of romantic interest. 


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