The Bread Off Our Tables

Posted: September 12, 2007 in Business and the Economy

Years ago I heard of a popular singer who was crying about pirating her records because it was taking the bread off their (recording artists) tables. At the time I laughed at the thought of somebody who has received millions of dollars from sales of their performances complaining about the few dollars they were being denied because people were selling unauthorized recordings. Actually, I’ve never felt it was justified to sell pirated copies of recordings or software; it’s the reselling of CD’s and DVD’s that I’ve considered totally legitimate even if the artists and all the middle-men who profited from the sale of the original product didn’t get anything from the resale.

I’m told that there are no restrictions to buying and selling used CD’s and DVD’s. Otherwise stores that do it would get into trouble; especially large chain stores. So, the recording artists will just have to grin and bear it.

I’ve also had a problem with performers who get all up tight when they are doing their thing on stage and somebody in the audience is making a recording: video or audio. If the person who is making the recording is profiting from mass sales, well isn’t that the spirit of entrepreneurship? There is a school of thought that those who buy and sell are (speaking pejoratively) just trying to make a buck. I heard that from a certain elderly member of the school board once when somebody proposed to sell small plaques with the donors, or their choice of persons to memorialize, to be attached to the backs of seats in the new performing arts center that would be part of the new high-school. The school board member was an old retiree who probably never had a real job in his life. I believe he had been a government worker when he was working.


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