Emotional Isolation

Posted: December 20, 2007 in Personal Growth

I just finished reading a part of an article about loneliness and isolation. One of the examples was the famous actress, Judy Garland. The quotation from her was about the inconsistency between being famous and being lonely. I have little sympathy for those who are lonely but refuse to allow anyone into their little worlds. At least that is the impression I get from all the stories about famous entertainers who get so up-tight about the paparazzi. Again, I have little sympathy for those who get so many riches from their popularity, but insist on privacy from those who would use photographic images of them for monetary gain. Have they not heard of the concept of entrepreneurship?

Another example of well-earned loneliness is how so many of our youngsters make a point of deriding their parents to their young associates. In my mind it is an attempt towards self-aggrandizement. They feel they can improve their images in their associates’ eyes. Some of these young people grow up. Some do not. Of course there is the inclination to soft-pedal their criticism of their parents as long as it takes to get something from them…

Then I am forced to look at myself. Why do I feel lonely sometimes? I have to say that it is probably for the very reasons I cast aspersions on others’ foibles. In the spirit of this Christmas season I have begun to gain a whole new appreciation for my wife and her efforts to make our home a more livable place. She over-extended herself in cleaning and picking up the living room and kitchen. It wasn’t perfect; but it was a whole lot better than it has been since we’ve moved in here. After she did it she took ill and was suffering from chills. I was so appreciative of her efforts I made special effort to console her and give her as much time to recover as she needed. She made a remarkable recovery and I have to say she seemed to improve her attitude to the point that I believe I re-learned something I had long forgotten about showing affection.

When our son, Eric, showed up on Christmas day, I started lambasting him, with a smile, about his not even replying to his mom’s and my e-mail messages.


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