If You Did That on the Job You Would Get Fired!

Posted: January 14, 2008 in Personal Growth

I just heard a pep talk to my grandson. It was delivered to him after he came home from a less than good (i. e. bad) day at school where he refused to do any work. He asked for some gummy bears and was denied them because he didn’t do his work at school.

So, the pep talk commenced. It included the words that I have chosen for the title of this piece.

If only it were true that refusing to do the work that was assigned to you resulted in you getting fired. In practice it ain’t necessarily so[1], as the song says. A perfect example of the exceptions to the rule was an incident that happened when I was working in an office as a claims assistant. It happened on a Saturday when we were all working on overtime because not enough people were being hired to do the job on regular time. The person tasked with running the claims support unit was trying to get everybody to work to their fullest potential. One young woman sat back the whole time and refused to do anything. This resulted in her being transferred to another department temporarily. Some time later (days, weeks, I don’t remember which) she came back to our department but some key events had happened in the meantime. When she came back she started to work legitimately during normal, vs. overtime, hours.

As I write I can only conjecture just what effected her transformation. I can say that she was probably instrumental in our boss quitting and suing the company. So, ideally, yes: if one refuses to do the work he/she is supposed to be doing, he/she is fired.

I can extrapolate to debunk a lot of myths when teachers try to give students reasons to buckle down and work. In my world the only real reason to learn is the joy of learning. If you don’t adopt that attitude all the rest is nothing more than apologue.

[1] Read my “Why it Ain t Necessarily So”


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