Why It Ain’t Necessarily So

Posted: January 14, 2008 in Personal Growth

I had the wonderful experience of seeing a live performance of the musical play Porgy and Bess at the theater at Charlestown Landing in Charleston, South Carolina in about 1972.

One of the best songs in that play that should shock any young idealistic religious person was the song “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” After repeating the title twice the singer says, “The things you are libel to read in the bible, they ain’t necessarily so.” He recites a couple of stories you might remember if you have had some exposure to the Judeo-Christian book called the bible.

If you spend some time familiarizing yourself with Joseph Campbell’s works[1] you will find that the literal meaning of the bible, as well as other sources of myths, are not the real meanings. It is the underlying truths (i. e. the morals) of these stories that are the real truths.

Mr. Campbell’s theories are cited in another book called “Authority, the Most Misunderstood Idea in America[2]”.

[1] Read Bill Moyer’s book “The Power of Myth”, Doubleday

[2] Eugene Kennedy and Sara Charles, M. D., Simon and Schuster: Free Press


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