An Encounter in Port Orchard

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Politics

Probably the most memorable encounter I had in four years of (most weeks) standing on street corners in Port Orchard participating in a vigil that is intended to continue until our troops come home from Iraq was when a woman sacheted up to me and said, “I support this war in Iraq”. My response to her at the time was “Why is that?” She responded that they are fighting for our freedom. What I would like to ask that woman if I were to see her again is, “In light of Amy Goodman’s column about the violent and false arrests of legitimate journalists outside the Republican convention by the `Twin City’s Finest’ how does violating the first amendment’s freedom of speech, the press, etc. show any semblance of freedom the woman said our troops are fighting to keep for us?”

As a matter of fact some of our detractors have called for our arrest, thus stifling our freedom of speech. They would send us to a foreign country to learn about freedom. Maybe they should make that visit.


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