Economic Stimulus

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Politics

Watching Barack Obama’s first news conference I hear him talking about an economic stimulus package; saying it is needed. I remember reading that he supported this during the run for the White House with reservations. I immediately thought how the last stimulus package didn’t do much to stimulate the economy; mostly because people like me used it to pay down debts. To keep another stimulus package from doing that I propose a plan to make sure recipients spend the money rather than pay down debts or just sit on the money like some banks have been doing with the “bale-out” money bestowed on them by congress and signed into existence by President Bush.

To accomplish this I propose that the government send “gift cards” to stores that the recipients designate. The recipients could be polled as to what percentage they would spend their money in which stores and cards with the proportional amounts on them would be sent to them.


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