Economic Stimulus follow up

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Politics

Rereading my original article on my proposal for the economic stimulus I see a place for misunderstanding in the idea of sending gift cards to stores. I would hope that a reader would understand that the gift card would not be sent to the stores but to the citizens who would use them to go to the stores and spend them.

I also realized, on reflection, that this idea would be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish in the short time that would be necessary to make it effective. As a result I am amending this proposal to try to make it more achievable.

Rather than over-taxing the card manufacturing industry by having to produce the millions of cards in such a short time a system of vouchers should be used. Of course the simpler the system the more prone to misuse, so a careful crafting of the bill to get the funds out in time to do good is important. I don’t have a solid proposal to do that. I would leave that up to people with imagination and creativeness. A group approach would be the right to go; but my idea would seem to be worth considering to keep people from using the stimulus money to pay down debts; which would do the economy little good. Or, wouldn’t it?


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