Mercurial On Line Reporting

Posted: March 12, 2009 in News and politics

It is not completely without a measure of self preservation that I eschew the move towards on-line reporting by the print media. More about that later.

I am reminded of one of the very few times I read the It was about the bus driver who had some kind of seizure and ran his bus into the side of a store. I remember that certain details were missing when I returned to read the article later. This is one of the main objections raised to support print over electronic journalism. Unless you tape record the TV/Radio news item (or print out the on-line item) or have the program in print (transcribed) it is no better than any other vocal utterance; it is on its way (as it dies out in volume) out into space. As a result we depend on our memory for a reference. Also, the news casters are not as scrutinized as print reporters are.

In the current “Doonesbury” series Roland Hedley is the comic extreme of the on-line journalist. His foibles are why I seldom read or participate in blogs. The expected dearth of responses to this on-line offering pretty much will justify my reluctance to bother to post any more. To do so is to follow what is ascribed to St. Francis, who would go out and preach to the birds and other wild animals in the forest when people quit coming to listen to his sermons.

Now, about my first comment about my investment in this argument. I am 5 ½ years away from paying off a new car I purchased solely to continue my delivering the print edition of the local newspaper. You figure out why I would be very inconvenienced by the demise of the print edition.

  1. Bob says:

    If you could write me and explain the connection between your comment and the article I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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