Where I Was When the First Men Landed on the Moon

Posted: July 20, 2009 in News and politics

At the invitation from Alan Boyle[1] I am writing this piece to maybe enter his contest, the prize of which is to have it excerpted on July 20, 2009… oops! I may be too late. Oh well; it’s going to be a worthwhile exercise and I can post it on my blog.

As I remember it the moon landing was not at the forefront of my and my shipmates’ attentions. We were on a flight to our advanced base to take over the FBM[2] submarine on which I was stationed as a member of the “off-crew”[3]

I remember the pilot of the plane announcing the moon landing and seeing the goings on on TV on the submarine tender[4]. Still, it was just a curiosity because my attention was on the task at hand. I don’t know if my shipmates were also focused as I was. Years later, when 9/11[5] occurred I remained focused on my job while everybody else in the office seemed to be off task discussing the event. To say it affected their job more than mine is a possible explanation, but I also seem to be able to disassociate myself from catastrophes or other major events if my attention was needed on a more immediate task.

[1] The journalist who wrote the MSNBC news item posted on line July 10, 2009 “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN APOLLO FLEW?

[2] Fleet Ballistic Missile

[3] These submarines had two crews so one could be on patrol or in maintenance while the other was off and having training or rest and relaxation (R & R).

[4] A ship to which the FBM sub was tied while in a maintenance cycle between patrols.

[5] The event in which commercial airliners were guided into the two World Trade Towers in New York September 11, 2001 by Muslim extremist terrorists.


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