Hate Radio and The Fisher KIng

Posted: August 24, 2009 in News and politics

Reading the headline for an article in today’s e-mail digest of articles posted in Alternet.org entitled “As If Limbaugh and Beck Weren’t Bad Enough, the Granddaddy of Hate Radio Is Back on the Air” I am once more reminded of one of my favorite films[1]. If you haven’t seen it I’ll give you the opportunity to view[2] it; if you have you can “re-view[3]” it.

I believe these hate-talk radio personalities[4] should all view/re-view the film and calmly reflect on what the potential for their words is. Anyone who, as the Republicans did during the last election cycle, says “they are only words” needs to get a grip on the reality that words (while it might be argued that they don’t cause actions) do become major contributing factors[5]. If they chose to ignore the signs “written on the subway walls[6]” they are making a choice that can have dire consequences. Perhaps they think that’s ok. That would be hard to prove absent a disinterested third party who might come forth and testify to the hate-monger’s intent but it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

[1] “films” is a hi-toned term for “movies”

[2] “view” is a hi-toned term for “see”

[3] as opposed to “review”

[4] I use the term “personalities” loosely. I remember hearing someone use the term applied to somebody else when he said “he has the personality of a bent shit-can”. So, these hate-talk radio people have the on-air personality of…

[5] “major contributing factor” is a hi-tone word for spur or any other term like it (consult your Thesaurus).

[6] Recognize the lyrics to “Sounds of Silence”


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