On the subject of screening for illegal immigrants…

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Politics

…when they are asking for health care: guess what, “those people” already get free health care. It’s the same place all the people who don’t have health care get it now; it’s called the emergency room. As far as including language that mandates “proving” they are legally in this country just what good would that do? It is a common failing for people of all stripes: they hate to be told what to do by the gumint[1]. If their immediate superior tells them to ask for “proof of citizenship” the same problem exists unless the superior is breathing down their neck. Proof is in the eye of the beholder. One person who is not in sympathy with his/her clients might not accept any effort to prove citizenship if the client looks like a greaser[2]. If the person is of the opposite extreme they might do a quick check and let it go. This can be seen by bouncers in a tavern who “check” identification. If the young lady is good looking, any identification will do. If she is a proverbial pig, forgetaboutit. I’ve seen evidence of this…

So, to insist that enforcement language be added would do no good unless real penalties are added. Then you get into the draconian laws realm where big brother is watching every move citizens make to ensure compliance. A certain element of good will and ethics (none dare call it morality) is important. Oops, have I strayed into the green pastures of moral relativism?

A shipmate of mine, years ago, told me the “joke” about a black man trying to qualify for voting when there were tests to determine whether a citizen were qualified to vote. After several questions that were impossible to answer were posed, finally the black man said, “I don’t know what all that means, except that I ain’t going to get to vote”. That was supposed to be funny and my shipmate from Alabama thought it was. Even in my young and naïve days I failed to see the humor. Last year the same shipmate – at a ship’s reunion – made the accusation that I am a bleeding-heart liberal. I just smiled a big grin to let him know, “yes I am.” I just wish I had my definition of liberal button on. I don’t have to include it here; all you have to do is go to a dictionary.

[1] This is a phrase that I believe was coined by none other than Molly Ivins.

[2] A pejorative term applied to Mexicans.


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