Regarding Obama’s Pink Slips for Garment Workers

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Politics
From Los Angeles Times article by Tim Rutten October 3, 2009

After reading the article, consider that there those, who in the quest fpr law and order, believe in enforcing the letter of the law. In their defense I believe they might be trying to force a much overdue change in the way immigrants are processed into our nation’s work force.

Those religious people mean well when they castigate the administration for these heartless actions. But, they can’t have it both ways. They refuse to promote meaningful immigration reform while they flout the laws enacted to bring a little order in the working world.

I have long maintained that the only way we can stop illegal immigration into our work force is to make the system efficient in its quest to supply labor to the companies that use them. Inasmuch as meaningful reform has been stifled over the years, one has to question their motives. Are they really so intent on enforcing the letter of the law? Ask them about their driving habits. I would bet that a tiny minority of them toe the mark regarding the traffic code as they navigate our streets and roads. Furthermore, I would look over their shoulders as they make out forms to receive more money than they would if they accepted all the rules that are made to ensure a just distribution of funds for services.

One more element I would expose in this analysis is how the former occupant’s ignorance of policies was probably because of the bubble his chief of staff created to keep him out of the loop. Can we trust Ram Emanuel to fully inform Obama on these issues? Even if he does Obama is the first to admit that he makes mistakes. Under further scrutiny he might rethink his policies in light of these articles so ably written by Mr. Rutten and company.


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