To Scam a Mark

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Humor

So, this young man stops at our home and knocks at the door. I answer to “Excuse me, sir; I noticed your car has some dings on it and is in need of repair… I can do that.” When I said I needed two estimates, he said he could do that too.

“Oh, yeah? Well, let’s go take a look at it and I’ll tell you a short story about one of the smallest dings.” I showed him the 2 inch ding, almost indiscernible by all the other scratches, dents and gouges; and related to him how it got there. “A county mower did that. I was driving along and a county mower was working the other side of the road, coming the other direction. Just when I got abreast of him I heard a loud bang on the side of my car. I immediately pulled over and saw that a large (or small, depending on your definition of the two qualities) limb had assaulted my auto, begetting the blasted blemish, a veritable cursed cut. I continued the story of how I stopped the mower driver and told him that his mower had propelled the limb into my car and caused that damage. The driver pulled over and we exchanged information including how I could get hold of the official who would help me make out a claim. I contacted the county and they sent out a guy to look at the car and take pictures. I procrastinated about making the claim and the young man showed up at the door before I could do it.

I told the young man to go ahead and do the body work and it took him just a half an hour or so to do a not so bad of a job; except it needed to have the repair places buffed and painted. But, not to worry; he had a friend that owed him a favor so I could get a free paint job.

Then it was time to settle the account (from the young man’s perspective). He wanted to follow me to the bank to withdraw the cash and pay him. “Uh”, I said, “I had to have the two estimates!”

“But I can’t get the estimates until tonight; and I have to have the money today to pay my rent!”

“Or what?”

“I’ll get kicked out of my place.”

“No! You can’t be evicted that fast. It takes months to go through that process.”

“It’s that late.”

“I’m sorry; I just can’t give you the money until I get the estimates and the check from the county!”

“If I’d known that I wouldn’t have started. Have a good day.” And he started towards his car.

“Wait a minute! Just bring me the estimate and we’ll finish the deal!”

He just continued to his car, got in and left.


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