To My Friend Sharon

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Personal Relationships


Whoa! I just woke up, turned on my computer, signed on to my "desktop", and a little window popped up that said I just received a message from you. (My Achilles’ Heel regarding spelling is double or single letters in a word, so I can’t be sure I am spelling your last name right unless I consult the classmates list. (Be sure to correct Gary Adkison’s name on it b. t. w.) .


About the nurse saying she never lies and then, 15 minutes later, lied; it reminds me of the admonition I heard when I was very young: "It’s one thing to lie to others; but when you lie to yourself, you are in real trouble." She was apparently lying to herself. So, did you call her on it when she lied? We have neighbors down the alley from us. Their kids used to associate with our grandkids when they lived with us. One day one of the kids told us that our grandson "said a bad word" on the school bus. Our grandson denied it of course. So I started getting to the substance of telling the truth because I couldn’t really determine who was telling the truth. (I didn’t get into just what a "bad word" was — google "George Carlin 7 words"). I asked the Mormon kid, "Would you lie to save a life?" He said, "no". That’s when I really wondered whether he was so zealous about telling the truth (there are those who have such a fundamentalist attitude about morals that they refuse to believe they would do anything wrong even to avoid a greater wrong), or he was lying. Now, if I had thought fast enough I might have asked him if he would lie to save his mother’s life. Knowing how the grandparents are taking the imminent death of their granddaughter from leukemia, I wouldn’t be surprised if his answer would still be in the negative. Your observation about lying being a part of the human conditions is quite astute.


Yes, "Remember the chameleon…" is original Carl Sandburg. I have a big thick book titled "The Complete Carl Sandburg."


One more subject I would like to broach before I quit: what is your opinion about friends being candid to each other without fear of the other being offended? I think the very best friends can be that way. But then I sometimes assume too much when I write to someone who I think I can consider a real friend right off the bat. That’s why I said what I did in my first e-mail message to you. But, your forgiving me and finally responding to the message I sent with the Writer’s Almanac tells me that at least you have a forgiving nature. Oops! Am I getting "too close"? That’s just me. It’s why I have had so many really great experiences in my life. I just "dove right in" and made some really great friends by getting "up close and personal" right away. For those who are uncomfortable with that, oh, well.


About "bad words"… no, this is probably going to be too long as it is. As a matter of fact I am going to quit before this gets there (too long). I will write more later when I "have more time". Yes, being retired isn’t about having all the time in the world. One just has to prioritize one’s use of time. I often write long rambling notes to associates (friends) and never send them. Sometimes I post them on my blog. So, if you go there and see an essay "To my friend Sharon" you’ll know it is about you. Don’t worry nobody reads my blog so the chances of anyone reading it that we know is infinitesimally small. Or, are you like me: dreaming of going naked in public? "Going naked in public" being a metaphor, of course… or not… Are you asleep yet? The belief that "nobody reads my blog" gives me a certain freedom to write what I feel (within reason because part of the agreement for using the "spaces" blog service is to "keep it clean", so to speak) Yes, we would have to know each other a lot better before I subjected you to my really free from inhibitions essays. If I ever publish them I might tell you about them.

Love (a whole ‘nother subject),

Sweet Old Bob (or, sometimes just the initials)


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