Why Men Dress the Way They Do

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Personal Growth

Ok, color me clueless; but I have been pondering the question for a long time. I guess it was cemented into my mind when I first heard the song from “Hair” that espoused a more flamboyant prominence for men. “I just want to say that it is my contention that longer hair and other flamboyant affectations of appearance are nothing more than the male’s emergence from the drab camouflage into the gaudy plumage which is the birthright of his sex. There is a peculiar notion that elegant plumage and fine feathers are not proper for the male; when actually that is the way things are in most species.”

Beautifully said; in my view. So, why hasn’t that thought taken hold? Here’s my theory: I believe that men would cede a certain power to women to become, in the words of the king in The King and I, the bee; rather than the flower. If men became more “sexy” wouldn’t it imply that they want to be pursued?

Ah, it’s no use. Those of us who do consciously adopt a more prominence in our daily appearance don’t get the attention from women we think we deserve. Oh, there is an occasional look; even a flirtatious response to our advances. But all too often when we get too, let me call it assertive; our intended becomes backoffish. A woman might say it’s the same way with them. When they see a man who strikes their fancy serious flirting doesn’t seem to get the job done. Fanning the flames only seems to douse the fire; if there was ever any. If I had a woman who I could confide these thoughts with maybe I could get a woman’s perspective; but I don’t. I can only conjecture.

If I seem to be thinking like a single man, so be it. I am simply trying to solve a seemingly imponderable issue that I can’t help wondering if it is shared by others; both men and women.


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