An Informed Citizenry

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Politics

The following is the text of a letter to the editor of The Kitsap Sun; and was printed in the Friday, April 23 edition.

Monday I sat at the Kitsap Democrats meeting, quietly listening to our State Senators and Representatives offer their perspectives on the last legislative session. It has occurred to me that these lawmakers are continuously walking on a very narrow beam suspended high over the oblivion of losing their elected positions. To balance the desires expressed by their constituents with their amassed collection of information that makes them act in the best way is incredibly challenging.

Too many citizens offer nothing but negative criticism of elected officials’ performance. Though criticism is often spur for improvement, sometimes it is offered by the ill informed. It is absolutely true that a functioning democracy depends on an informed electorate. It takes careful study to understand what goes on in Olympia, as well as “the other Washington”.

Yogi Berra’s book “You Can Observe a Lot by Watching” bears a lot of wisdom. If we access many sources to become informed citizens we will be better critics of those we elect who serve us. The local political scene is well chronicled by the Kitsap Sun and other media. To find out what’s available you need to find the many sources that perform this valuable service.

Robert Vermeers



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