The End of Sex

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Personal Relationships

I have no problem with those who chose to limit the end of sexual intercourse to making babies; but it would be great if those who do so would be tolerant of others who can’t or won’t have (more) babies and adopt a wider purpose for sex: that of the joining of two souls to create a unifying spirit.

It is unusual, I think, for couples who are students of continual improvements in the sexual experience to experience failure in their relationships. I suppose there is a case for a stoic approach to marital relations limited to procreation and denying them for any other purpose. People who do so are as prone to sexual deviancy from the frustrations of denying their natural inclinations as those who make sexual gratification their only consideration as they satisfy their lusts. Neither, in my view, are those who practice celibacy any weaker in battling their demons.

This broadens the theme of this dissertation to include the subject of Priests who molest young people. The corrosive nature of denying sexual gratification (celibacy) is often the issue entered into the argument against the culture of celibacy. The very small proportion of Priests who do practice this totally abhorrent form of deviancy help make the argument that celibacy can promote the practice. Without a lot of candid pronouncements from deviates or non-deviates it is impossible to determine just how corrosive the practice of celibacy is for the weak.

Another factor in not promoting healthy sexual attitudes is inhibitions. This is probably one of the most stultifying psychological weaknesses that limits couples’ quest to reach higher levels of physical and spiritual existence. I don’t know if inhibitions are a cause or effect of limited self esteem. Once a person recognizes your inhibitions you can shed the barriers with enough effort and determination. The person who is successful in creating a mood in his/her own psyche is probably going to enable his/her partner as well. Trained sexologists are a much better source of improvements than I. I can only offer my perspective from my personal experiences. I have chronicled them in essays so I won’t repeat them here. Reading these pieces would only leave you wondering if I were writing about me or someone I knew. Believing that they were my personal experiences is only possible if you trust my honesty. Your not knowing, of course, is both a plus and a minus for me. The bottom line is: it doesn’t make any difference. It is only important to know that the experiences are real and not a figment of imagination.

The stories I created, however, are mostly fiction. There is only a small bit of reality that serves as a point of departure for an experience that might have been. I have made that point clear a number of times.


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