My Daughter Just Got Herself…

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Personal Growth
… Fired?

One of the stupidest comments anyone ever spoke is “Well, I see you got yourself pregnant!” It makes no literal sense and is panned by every clear thinking person, male or female. But, often people speak in vague references to events; and these statements are poetic in their meaning. I won’t insult the reader’s intelligence by explaining the stupidity of the comment; I will just move on to an event that is probably literally true.

In her moth-and-the-flame existence (oh, I don’t want to go into Freudian psychobabble by thinking people only act on impulses that are based on one’s real intentions) she pushes the envelope.

Well, she got a reprieve! Her boss apparently values her employment enough to adjust the day’s schedule to reflect an hour later clock in and clock out. I have good reason to believe that she will take her responsibility regarding punctuality more seriously… at least for a day or two.


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