Posted: October 12, 2010 in News and politics


So, Let Them Eat Cake[1]

I can’t help but wonder if anyone who is so vociferously object to the homeless camp that is being built in our community realizes how close to homelessness they are. If you purchased a home in the last ten years you probably are sitting on property that isn’t worth what you have yet to pay on it. You probably don’t even know what bank or lending institution owns the mortgage you page on. If you rent you have no control over whether your landlord actually makes payments on the home you pay monthly rent to occupy. The first you might find out is when the sheriff comes knocking at your door with a notice of eviction.

Maybe you do and this is the source of your unease. It’s so easy in troubled times to take your anger out on those who have no power over their lives. It’s a syndrome as old as history. It is reinforced by the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitude towards anyone who is among those other people.

According to the article in today’s (October 12, 2010) edition of The Kitsap Sun it appears the owner and other homeless advocates have done a lot of thinking about this and they have come up with a pretty good plan that benefits both the new tenants and those who feel threatened by them.

As for the property owner who thinks he, or she, can sell a property in the foreseeable future this homeless camp might be a convenient excuse for your property not selling. If you look around at for sale signs and keep track of how long they are there you might get a rude awakening about the housing market.

For the rest of you who live near the property on which the homeless camp is proposed to be built let me relate to you a very unscientific sample of places that I have felt secure living in. One was on Pleasant Avenue. It’s always been considered a high crime area. But, guess what: I left many valuable and pilferable items out on my front porch and nothing got stolen. I had to hail down a couple of neighborhood teens to give them two working speakers. A few years later I moved up to a neighborhood with homes with owners that are clearly in the upper income bracket. Yes, there are rentals nearby. One can reasonably assume that the bicycle and other items that have come up missing were taken by passers by; probably not even neighbors. It might even be argued that the former residence is on a street that doesn’t have a lot of passers by. But my belongings that were out in plain view were secure from neighbors who weren’t homeless; but who skirted the law from time to time.

So, let’s cool down and consider the plight of those who are in desperate straits as we approach what is predicted as one extra cold and wet winter.

[1] A phrase attributed to Marie-Antoinette; and we all know what happened to her, right? Can you say “Guillotine”?


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