So Whadayathink?

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Politics

To Jilann Hauge,
Did you get a chance to read the front page articles in today’s Kitsap Sun about the prosecutor’s office candidates? How do you and Russ think the articles are in terms of fairness and balance?
I have had the privilege of being asked to join Newstrust, a group that regularly rates news and opinion articles submitted from various media sources. If you google my name you will see citations to some of the criticisms I’ve offered.
But, this isn’t about me. I am mostly interested in yours and Russ’ opinions. I know I’ve talked to Russ before about the Sun’s coverage and he has been less than happy about how the Sun “dribbles out” information in a series of articles when he has supplied them with all the fine points from the outset.
So how do these articles match up to your expectations?

  1. Jil Hauge says:

    Hi Bob, I finally took a moment to check out your weblog. Beautiful photo! I don’t have time to do much more than comment at my surprise that the Sun endorsed Russ. I’m certain the upcoming Gunclub case and our neighbor’s hearing issue will be slapped all over the news and poorly reported. I hope Russ survives that press. We were very pleased by the Sun’s resounding endorsement. Jil

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