How Many Tried?

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Politics

When I asked a certain young man what he thought of our President Obama, he replied that he would be a pretty good President except he hasn’t lived up to expectations. After last night’s election and the spanking he has gotten from the electorate (the U. S. House is projected to have gone from Democratic to Republican) it is fair to say that too many voters feel the same way.
But, wait a minute! Just how has Obama failed? Didn’t he say over and over again during his campaign for President that he couldn’t do this alone? He said that he needed the backing of every American. To compare his challenges to F. D. R. at the onset of WWII and how he (excuse me, we) prevailed over the forces of evil is to compare Obama’s America to F. D. R.’s. If you will think a moment about the national mood after Pearl Harbor it was American’s response to “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” you will maybe agree that American’s in this day and age have not responded to the call from Obama as American’s did to F. D. R.’s. I have to admit that I have not engaged myself as much with Organizing For America as I should have. I believe that every S. O. B. that whines about Obama’s shortcomings should think how he/she has failed to answer to the challenge that was presented to us in 2008.
Going forward (I love that phrase. It is a good substitute for “What have you learned from that?”) we need to rededicate ourselves and get behind our President. The results for failing to do that are to endure way too many more years of financial hard times.


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