Distinguishing Between Liberal and Conservative

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Politics
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Yet Another Perspective

Today I have entertained several perspectives regarding the candidacy of one of the brave souls for Kitsap County Commissioner. I am drawn into the discussion I’ve had with myself about tagging a view, person, or group as liberal or conservative.
The pissing contest has ensued about the candidate’s being accused of breaches of ethics. I am skeptical of these accusations until I get a more authoritative source of what constitutes ethics in this case.
Is the candidate liberal or conservative in her pursuit of a hedge in her efforts to get help in infrastructure development in the area she is seeking to develop? Is her opponent advocating a liberal or conservative agenda in her efforts to expose the candidate to criticism? If you want development stymied are you advocating the status quo? We are used to a facet of the liberal agenda being against development. But isn’t this advocating holding up progress? Wouldn’t a progressive attitude be to develop? Or is unhindered development the status-quo and progressives’ efforts to hold it back progressive? As far as I can see it is the latter dichotomy that is understood in today’s politics.
Oops! I’ve drifted from liberal to progressive. How obfuscating of me.


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