To support or not to support

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Ethics and Morality, Organizations, Personal Relationships, Politics
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Thank you for your expression of support for my view(s). I would like to offer another perspective. I don’t perceive a personal vendetta in these “attacks”. It seems to me a matter of different positions on an issue of whether it is ethical to do what this candidate has done, or not. I would listen to anyone who addresses this issue directly. Calling it mud slinging or personal attack, seems to me, to be acting from conjecture. I haven’t read all the texts, but if somebody can find a citation from any of them that points to unfair attack I would like to see it… not that I don’t believe there is any. It’s just that I haven’t taken the time to read it all to ascertain if there is.

Now, comes the part of why I have changed my mind from supporting what I agree is a very strong candidate to one who might be considered having all the requisites that the former one has: I believe it is incumbent on lawmakers to listen and respond to constituents’ concerns and suggestions. Most of the lawmakers I’ve contacted do so; but a couple of them seem to be too busy to respond with substantive comments. I believe a candidate who has established his/her presence at meetings and shown a good record of engaging us with meaningful dialog is way ahead of the rest in credibility for candidacy. This goes way beyond personal friendship. I do not vote or support a candidate out of personal friendship. If you google my name you probably will find a citation to a letter I had printed in the Kitsap Sun the last election cycle that expresses my view about supporting a candidate for his/her actual abilities and experience over someone who may have done you a favor. That doesn’t exactly fit into this discussion; but I feel personal contact and ability to engage in a meaningful dialog is an extremely important factor when deciding whether to support him/her.

This is why I’ve decided at this point to support the candidacy of Rob Gelder! Unless I receive some extremely convincing information to change my mind this is how I will vote tomorrow evening.


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