A Serious News Source?

Posted: March 11, 2011 in News and politics
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Ok; we have been glued to the TV watching, what I consider, important breaking news about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and elsewhere. CNN is probably as good a source for continuing coverage hours after the event. At first all we saw was repeats of the initial videos and somewhat shallow commentary. There is some historical context and geological information – I believe that came from some agency in Britain. Where’s the expert information from the good old U. S. of A.? Do these people not know how to use google?
But the next day a major blooper convinces me that this news source needs some astute filtering… one’s time can be used to great advantage when these occur by reading the good old newspapers. At least they take the time to edit what they produce.
The blooper occurred as the on site correspondent is speaking to the stalled bullet train in the background. She makes a very true statement (I guess) when she says that this country gets around by fast train and when it is disabled getting around is very slow (by automobile, etc.). But when she makes the connection to emergency services, saying that they are taking to the air… welll… what are we to conclude? Is she implying that if the trains are running emergency services will be taking the train? Not so much! My guess is the emergency services would be taking to the air whether the trains are running or not.
What do you think?


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