Accusations of Organization

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Business and the Economy, News and politics, Politics
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While I am loath to associate Republicans in the U. S. congress the possibility of any coordinated effort to achieve a stated goal, let us consider this possibility. After publicly claiming that their most important objective is to make sure Obama is a one term President the Republicans are setting about to fulfill their goal.
Let’s consider the possibility that they are smart enough to know that the economy is the number one issue that the public believes makes or breaks an administration’s claim to success. That being the case how do they make a poor economic recovery a certainty until the next administration? I would offer: every way they can. This would make every seemingly crazy idea about methods to increase economic activity a very controlled and logical progression. Crazy becomes perverse. Perverse becomes antithetic. Negative economic growth becomes a positive orientation when one is trying to ensure an outcome.
Here are some of the ways Republicans are contributing to stifling economic growth.
Increasing the disparity in wealth between the richest 1% and the rest of the American population will contribute a lot towards this goal. It is well established that the periods of wide disparity are also periods of poor economic performance. The real connection beyond just numbers is established by the fact that economic performance is dependant on money circulating in a society. When there is a great concentration of wealth among a few people money circulation is reduced because the few simply do not contribute to the necessary flow of money in society nearly as much as when the majority of the population is using it.
Right now industry heads have said that one of the greatest inhibitors to their hiring is an uncertainty in what to expect in respect to expenditures connected with a large work force. That major expenditure is health care costs. As long as Republicans can create uncertainty by challenging any coordinated method of delivering health care and paying for it they can stifle hiring thus keeping money out of circulation.
Reducing government spending is a major contributor, in the absence of a good job market, to shrinking the money in circulation. As long as the budget hawks, mostly Republicans but too many Democrats who knuckle under the false impression that this is what the public really wants, then shrinking the money supply is a success in stifling economic growth. Don’t forget: as the work force shrinks, so too does the flow of revenues, in the form of taxes, into government coffers .


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