Consider This, Michael Foxtrot

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Costs of living, Social Justice
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When one comes in contact with the brick wall in an effort to get some relief from the challenges that one has to overcome when trying to keep the wolves from the door one is tempted to try to find the sorry s. o. b. who sets the threshold for who rates help. If one could do that he would want to grab the s. o. b. by the gonads to get his attention and yell “Consider this, m. f., economic realities have changed since you set the maximum income somebody can have to get help! Have you purchased a gallon of milk lately? Everybody wants to look at the cost of gasoline. Well, guess what: the really poor aren’t particularly worried about the cost of gasoline… until the public transportation increases its cost to ride because of the increased cost of the fuel they use to run. The cost to eat, however, is increasing at a rate much greater than fuel or the other items on the cost of living index.”


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