We Are a Republic not a Democracy?

Posted: June 17, 2011 in News and politics, Organizations, Politics
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I just saw a reference to somebody in public life (in Iran) as a democrat; not a Democrat, but a democrat. It made me recall an utterance by my dad’s 3rd wife, which is quoted in the title of this piece.
Inasmuch as she (and my dad – turning to The Dark Side) are big-R Republicans I can see why so many R’s in lawmaking bodies are really out of touch with their constituents. If Republican constituents remain mute, in their observations of the day’s events, rather than speaking out in communications with their Republican representatives then what do you have?
Yes, writing isn’t always easy. A lot of people have a hard time expressing themselves in written form. But, if they become active within their respective parties, they can find common ground with those who do write well; and with their association they can get the message to their lawmakers.
I’ve polled members of my political party and received a tremendously positive response to the question regarding communicating in writing to lawmakers. It gives me a great deal of hope that our view-points are getting through to those lawmakers whose candidacy we back.
All of this reminds me I must write a letter to the editor regarding the local political scene… I will probably post it later…


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