Yo, Pam: an open letter to Pam Dzama

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Organizations, Politics
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I enjoyed your column in Wednesday, June 5th edition of The (Kitsap) Sun. Whenever I read a column I don’t agree with I call it thought provoking; so this one definitely was that.
I will start in the middle of your column: the paragraph that begins with “I guess…” If you care to visit my blog (you can google Sweet Old Bob; or go directly via the link: bobup1000.wordpress.com) and find a piece deep in the archives regarding “Levels of Certainty”. I left out “I guess…” as one of those levels of certainty. It falls pretty low in the list. To the point “selection” might be considered accurate except almost anybody can participate. All you have to do is be politically active (i. e. become a Precinct Committee Officer). The wisdom of those who drafted the constitutional amendment you refer to is in the fact that those who are politically active are almost always more informed than those who sit on the sidelines and become cynical to the point that they approach the status of non-voter.
I don’t know if you agree that the amendment that created this process is closer to being democratic than what was in the original document. I believe it is. To go another step and create a special election for every vacancy would be cumbersome and, in this day and age especially, way too expensive. With every expenditure being scrutinized by budget hawks we can conclude that frequent special elections are an unfair burden on the taxpayers.
Expense aside I would argue, agreeing with the framers of the amendment, that the process now in effect is efficient and does a pretty good job. If you cynically believe that the incumbent has an unfair advantage get off the duff and participate in your party’s activities to find a more qualified candidate.
I am ambivalent about the announcement published in today’s (Friday, June 17, 2011) edition of The Sun about a candidate filing to unseat Rob Gelder. I found out many years ago that opponents to incumbents cause him/her to expend valuable dollars to defend his/her position. Wouldn’t you really love to have a job that is challenged periodically by somebody who thinks they can do it better?
Rob’s gracious reaction in the third and second paragraphs from the end of the article (on the inside where too many people will miss it) is in keeping with his positive attitude. It is just one more quality that earns his election to the post. Rarely do I support a candidate who runs on a negative platform. It borders on mud-slinging, a practice that a vast majority of voters say they abhor… but pay too much attention to, if you believe the polls following major mud-slinging.


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