Focus to the Detriment of a Larger Picture

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Entertainment, Humor, News and politics, Personal Growth
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Way back when I was a hot-shot 4th class Petty Officer serving on a submarine in Hawaii, I and some of my shipmates found ourselves at a hootchy-kootchy bar that featured strippers. We were seated at a tiny table that was not more than about two feet in diameter. The pitcher of beer was placed in the center and our glasses were on the table at uneven intervals around it. As we emptied our glasses I picked up the pitcher and began replenishing them. My attention was on the girls on the stage who, by this time, were stripped down to nothing more than pasties and a tiny covering in the shape of a red heart over their most private part. The results was my closest shipmate – one Byrd Bernard Gossett – suddenly shifted positions and exclaimed, “Vermeers, watch where you are pouring!” I was pouring beer on his leg much to his considerable discomfort.
Fast forward some 40+ years to this morning when I was reading an article in the local paper about the political realities (if you can assume what is printed in the newspaper is reality) of “Brainbridge (sic.) Island”. I was working on a dilute bowl of oatmeal in front of me; and I had it tipped up so as to get a fuller spoonful for each bite. My concentration on the article’s minutia resulted in my spilling the soupy serving onto the table and its running over the edge of the table onto my lap and the floor. This event made me recall the former one that occurred many years ago.
Juxtaposing the two mishaps reveals a quantum leap in the directions of my passions. Where lust governed much of my orientation then, (my phone call to my girlfriend living some 5,000 miles away to ask her to embark with me on an ill-fated marriage probably happened that very evening) now I am fascinated by the mechanisms of politics.
If I am careful to avoid the trap of running for office higher than Precinct Committee Officer by remembering the Peter Principle that everyone tends to rise to their level of incompetence then I can put my efforts behind campaigns of people brave enough to go a-politicking.
Would use of a Christmas carol’s “Here We Go A wassailing” tune thusly: “Here we go a politicking among the electorate; to get their ideas and brave their icy slate. Joy and fun comes to you when you go a-politicking too; bless your trials on this campaign and a happy new year” elicit either groans or cheers?


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