Why I Read the Newspapers

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Education, Health and wellness, News and politics, Personal Growth, Politics
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Years ago, there was a radio drama on KVI AM radio. It was called “Theater of the Mind.” I believe Jim French hosted it. I especially remember one episode that Jim wrote.

It was about a guy who woke up from a deep sleep on a battlefield. There were bullets flying, bombs exploding, people getting shot and many dying.
Suddenly somebody yelled “cut” and everybody stopped fighting and started to walk off the field. Our hero, I’ll call him Bob, asked somebody, “What’s going on?”

The reply was, “This is an action serial on TV. To satisfy the audiences’ desires for realism they are shooting the battle scenes with real bullets, bombs, etc. See that guy over there with the sergeant’s helmet? He’s the hero and won’t be shot. That is he won’t be shot as long as the director, a woman, wants him. You see, he’s the director’s boyfriend. When she gets tired of him, she will have him written out of the script and he’ll be killed. Of course, she will choose somebody else to be her boyfriend…until he doesn’t satisfy her anymore.”

Just as he predicted the hero was eventually killed. By that time, the director had picked our hero, Bob, as her new boyfriend.

Bob was sure that his initial introduction was true and that he would eventually meet the same fate as the previous ex-boyfriend.

How would he escape the same end? He found out where they kept the script after it had been written. When he sensed the director was tiring of him he gained access to the script and read it. Sure enough, there it was in black and white. He was slated for termination the next day.

I do not remember how Bob avoided his elimination; but he did. How I relate this to reading the daily newspaper is it is the script for what befalls individuals who haven’t a sense of right and wrong. Beings this sense is only common to those who grow up in a specific culture. Their culture conflicts with the law because of the way some legislatures create laws to accommodate the moral orientation of the majority within a community. Ok, so I cannot locate the quotation extant from The Tyranny of the Majority; is that important? Well, yeah. I would like to be able to extract the full sense of the term.


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