What Did I Miss?

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Education, Humor
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I finally found a citation, via Google, that gives me some information about my favorite college professor, Dr. Franz Schneider. It is in the citation from the url:

I found out that Dr. Schneider was the “…professor of English and honors program director…”. I think I can resolve the connection between Fr. Leary and Fr. McCluskey by referring to the dedication page of my 1962 Spires yearbook from G. U. It seems that from the time Fr. Leary probably sat dumbfounded at the sheer stupidity of a certain freshman who declined to accept the invitation to join the honors society because he didn’t “much care about literature”. His reason for asking him to join was his score on a certain test he took upon applying for admissions. However, the best he could get from Dr. Schneider was a “C” in his class (Interpretation of Prose or Interpretation of Poetry). So, I doubt if he could have done much good in the honors program. But, you are your own worst analyst, so what do I know.

In the aforementioned dedication it revealed that Fr. Leary was “Dean of Education, Academic Vice President, initiator and guide of the Honors Program…” So, Fr. Leary was guide to Dr. Schneider’s program director. I would have to query somebody about the exact relationship between the two.

So, this is my groundhog day moment; wondering how I would have fared if I had gladly, with all humility, accepted the invitation. Am I a genius (as in James Joyce’s “A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”), or an idiot? Or, am I somewhere in between? I look back at certain key moments and wonder what would have happened if…


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